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    Since the 1920's RIMAC has been the industry golden standard for valve spring testing of precision engines by hardcore builders and enthusiast alike. Even post-WWII era models...

    "Big Blue" 500 Lbs. Spring Tester
    Part No. BB0500
  • The Rimac Spring Tester is specifically designed for quick and easy, rapid spring testing. The upper and lower platforms are 2-1/4 in. and 3-1/4 in. diameter, respectively. The cast aluminum body, with holes for bench mounting, is as durable as ever,...

    Rimac "Big-Blue" Spring Tester
    Part No. BB1000
  • Spring kit includes a lightweight, medium weight, and heavy weight springs. Approximate kit test range from 10 – 640 lbs.

    Part No. BB1901
  • The official Rimac Tools indicator bracket is specifically machined from anodized aluminum for the Rimac 1,000 lbs., and 500 lbs. Model Valve Spring Testers. The bracket mounts to the Rimac’s shaft, allowing for the use of an up to 3/8-in. base dial...

    Part No. BB1920